rectangle slate effect trays

Shower Trays

rectangle slate effect trays


  • Slate Effect tray available in black or white
  • Grate colour options Chrome effect and Matt black
  • 37mm high
  • Generous size options available
  • Extensive range of sizes
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Technical drawings

Technical Information and Pricing

inc. VAT
White AQ550/000 Black AQ550/9991000 x 80037mm£330.00
White AQ551/000 Black AQ551/9991000 x 90037mm£350.00
White AQ555/000 Black AQ555/9991100 x 80037mm£350.00
White AQ556/000 Black AQ556/9991100 x 90037mm£370.00
White AQ557/000 Black AQ557/9991200 x 70037mm£385.00
White AQ558/000 Black AQ558/9991200 x 76037mm£385.00
White AQ559/000 Black AQ559/9991200 x 80037mm£407.00
White AQ560/000 Black AQ560/9991200 x 90037mm£429.00
White AQ561/000 Black AQ561/9991400 x 70037mm£429.00
White AQ562/000 Black AQ562/9991400 x 76037mm£440.00
White AQ563/000 Black AQ563/9991400 x 80037mm£451.00
White AQ564/000 Black AQ564/9991400 x 90037mm£473.00
White AQ565/000 Black AQ565/9991500 x 70037mm£462.00
White AQ566/000 Black AQ566/9991500 x 76037mm£473.00
White AQ567/000 Black AQ567/9991500 x 80037mm£484.00
White AQ568/000 Black AQ568/9991500 x 90037mm£506.00
White AQ569/000 Black AQ569/9991600 x 70037mm£473.00
White AQ570/000 Black AQ570/9991600 x 76037mm£484.00
White AQ571/000 Black AQ571/9991600 x 80037mm£495.00
White AQ572/000 Black AQ572/9991600 x 90037mm£517.00
White AQ573/000 Black AQ573/9991700 x 70037mm£528.00
White AQ574/000 Black AQ574/9991700 x 76037mm£539.00
White AQ575/000 Black AQ575/9991700 x 80037mm£550.00
White AQ576/000 Black AQ576/9991700 x 90037mm£572.00
540Q/700Chrome Effect Grate£28.60
540Q/999Matt Black Grate£28.60

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